Christmas List.

Its a great day for a list.

  1. We are releasing a Christmas single today! You should check it out and then download it FOR FREE. that’s right. but first, you should read the rest of this…
  2. Finals this week. Then it’s back home to Colorado Springs! Christmas and I get to see that very special someone!
  3. I am very happy about number 2
  4. It’s snowing and blowing and piling up outside here in Saint Paul. I’m considering buying eight cheap dogs and sledding to school Monday. Yes… Just like Sarah Palin
  5. I’m happy I could mention Sarah Palin. I can tag that and get a million more hits than I otherwise would. hehe…
  6. Do you know how hard it is to stop a list once you’ve started?
  7. Alright I’m done, go download the song and merry holidays and happy christmas!

Click the artwork to receive the aforementioned free download.


My Staring Match With Insanity


The McDonald’s coffee cup bounced off the back of my head and into the gutter. The drunk had surprisingly good aim. Still on the bus, he lurched unsteadily and looked radically pleased with himself as the doors closed. The bus moved on. I stared at the discarded coffee cup; brain trying to make sense of what just happened. My moment of confusion was cut short by a voice.

‘That’s not mine.”

The original owner of the offending coffee cup had gotten off at the same stop. She was crazy. A solid eight on the crazy scale. And now she was staring at me. I’ve learned from my short time in the city that generally, getting stared at by crazy people is not a good sign. They carry zippo lighters and lots of plastic bags. This particular crazy lady was not much of a threat however so I casually stared back.

Ok, casually staring back at a crazy person is just about as hard as it sounds. First off, while you’re trying to cast a level headed gaze, they’re doing this twitch-eyed-deer-in-the-headlights look that makes you want to either laugh out loud or call the police. Secondly, very quickly, your logical faculties kick in and you begin to wonder, “Why, in the name of all that’s holy, am I staring back at a crazy person?” Today, my answer was simple. Someone threw this crazy person’s coffee cup at my head. And I was not backing down.

She twitched her eyes, mumbled nonsense, twitched faster, shuffled feet, flared nostrils, and bugged her eyeballs but I didn’t even look surprised. Raising my eyebrows nonchalantly I continued my stare. She continued acting crazy. After ten seconds of this she stuck both arms straight out, declared again that—in fact—the coffee cup was not hers, and walked away like a zombified grandma. Victory. I threw the coffee cup away and made a mental note to upgrade her crazy score from an eight to at least a nine-point-five.

True* story. Just wait until you hear what happened on the bus!

*some facts may or may not have been changed to be funny or not boring

What Happened?

Does anyone blog anymore? That’s my question. And I haven’t been posting to this blog (or anywhere) in a long time. I happen to be writing a ton of stuff right now so, I thought, “eh, a blog post isn’t so hard.” But then I wondered whether anyone reads blogs anymore. Honestly you don’t hear very much about the “blogosphere” anymore.

Come to think of it, I haven’t read any blogs lately. Actually, I have no memory of the last 5 years. Has there been a zombie apocalypse in the blogosphere?! Where are the survivors! Why I am I still here! Where is my sawed off shotgun?!! HELP! HELP! HELP!

–I really hope this is entertaining because I’m making a fool of myself–


Ok, that’s out of my system. Aaaahhhh… How ya doing? I’m glad we’re all not dead or un-dead or any un-holy version of deadness you can conjure. Thanks for being alive. And thanks for reading this. I like you.

So, that's what the blogosphere is doing...

Lift Me Up

Songwriting is something I am still relatively new to and sometimes I see myself growing in different directions as a songwriter. The songs on Rhythm & Waves (the EP) are very simple, lyrically and musically speaking. This song, Lift Me Up, turns to a different route musically while still staying fairly simple in idea and form. Written with the idea or picture in my mind that sometimes, we just want to be lifted up and out of the craziness of our circumstances. We want someone stronger and bigger than our existence to tell us that everything will be ok. Sometimes I think, we retain our childlike fear of the unknown and hard, but lose our childlike faith in the sovereignty and goodness of God. This song is a cry from someone who is in that place so many times. Hmm, well this has gone deeper than I thought it would SO.

Here it is! I recommend your favorite headphones. That makes everyone happy!

post. script. (So00 I tried to get John Legend onboard for a collaborative effort but he wouldn’t even return my phone calls. jeez… On the upside, his answering machine was really nice. I think we’re getting somewhere!)

In Transit

Hi from a hotel room in Bozeman Montana!

Flew in from Honolulu on Thursday and spent the weekend in Northwestern Montana. Right now I am heading home with mom and dad, fourteen hours of driving ahead of us, all systems go.

So I guess that means I’m back from my Hawaiian Hiatus. Boo.

It also means I’m about to be starting school in St. Paul. boss!

Consumable Media: Past and Present

In case you haven’t noticed. We’ve come a long way in the last 100 years.

This is an Edison Blue Amberol record from 1914. It’s a recording of ‘Toots Paka’s Hawaiians” singing Aloha ‘Oe. Each cylinder is a molded plaster core covered in the trademark blue celluloid. Similar to later records, grooves in the celluloid were read by a needle and walah! Amplification! Each Blue Amberol held about 4 minutes of music, basically one “track”. One cylinder one song.

Let’s think about that now.

In my iPod Touch, I can hold up too 1750 songs. And play movies, and games, and know exactly when my new Facebook status gets a “like.” Oooooh… Anyway, I’m not trying to be an Apple fanboy. In fact, holding these two things on opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum, I feel sad. Seems like these days, we think of music as little bits of nothing to put next to our “iFart” and “Zippo Lighter” apps. boo! But then again, music is infinitely more accessible to the masses than it was in the early twentieth century. In 1915, a Blue Amberol player, called an “Amberola,” would cost you between $30.00 and $75.00, that’s the equivalent of $630.00 to $1570.00 in modern currency. You don’t need to be incredibly rich to have cd player in your car or even an mp3 player. Music is pretty much available in a consumable form to anyone who wants it. (Case in point: Pirate Bay) So it seems we have a  tradeoff. The question is, which one is better?

On a more update-ish note, I am off to Hawaii tomorrow! Living in Colorado for the last 9 months has been a fantastic experience and I am so grateful for the time with my family! More on that story later though…

Love Slideshows?

Hey Friends, I love this new gadget from the WordPress Team.

A slide show bugaboo! (I have no idea what to call it…haha!)

These are pictures from the last five-ish gigs I’ve done. Please enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s. After watching this I’ve been informed by my significant other that I could use a wardrobe change-up. Okaaaaaayy. I will try. =D

p.p.s. Have you ever noticed the amount of slideshow-ness at weddings? geez.