Love Slideshows?

Hey Friends, I love this new gadget from the WordPress Team.

A slide show bugaboo! (I have no idea what to call it…haha!)

These are pictures from the last five-ish gigs I’ve done. Please enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s. After watching this I’ve been informed by my significant other that I could use a wardrobe change-up. Okaaaaaayy. I will try. =D

p.p.s. Have you ever noticed the amount of slideshow-ness at weddings? geez.


2 responses to “Love Slideshows?

  1. I’m digging the fact that with a jacket and long pants on you still wear ‘slippas’ to work!

    • Ho yes! I made a decision. “It is April. Therefore I wear slippas. Who care what the temperature is! I am not wearing shoes.” I reject the reality of the cold and substitute my own! =D

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