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Christmas List.

Its a great day for a list.

  1. We are releasing a Christmas single today! You should check it out and then download it FOR FREE. that’s right. but first, you should read the rest of this…
  2. Finals this week. Then it’s back home to Colorado Springs! Christmas and I get to see that very special someone!
  3. I am very happy about number 2
  4. It’s snowing and blowing and piling up outside here in Saint Paul. I’m considering buying eight cheap dogs and sledding to school Monday. Yes… Just like Sarah Palin
  5. I’m happy I could mention Sarah Palin. I can tag that and get a million more hits than I otherwise would. hehe…
  6. Do you know how hard it is to stop a list once you’ve started?
  7. Alright I’m done, go download the song and merry holidays and happy christmas!

Click the artwork to receive the aforementioned free download.


What Happened?

Does anyone blog anymore? That’s my question. And I haven’t been posting to this blog (or anywhere) in a long time. I happen to be writing a ton of stuff right now so, I thought, “eh, a blog post isn’t so hard.” But then I wondered whether anyone reads blogs anymore. Honestly you don’t hear very much about the “blogosphere” anymore.

Come to think of it, I haven’t read any blogs lately. Actually, I have no memory of the last 5 years. Has there been a zombie apocalypse in the blogosphere?! Where are the survivors! Why I am I still here! Where is my sawed off shotgun?!! HELP! HELP! HELP!

–I really hope this is entertaining because I’m making a fool of myself–


Ok, that’s out of my system. Aaaahhhh… How ya doing? I’m glad we’re all not dead or un-dead or any un-holy version of deadness you can conjure. Thanks for being alive. And thanks for reading this. I like you.

So, that's what the blogosphere is doing...

gigs, more snow, and glorious sunshine!

Quicky post! Bullet points to help visualize the speed.

  • I WILL BE IN HAWAII MAY 25!!! Lets hang out.
  • Back here in Colorado, I am three away from my goal of ten gigs before I leave. If you’re in C-Springs you can check the Upcoming Shows tab to see when and where I’m playing next. I am truly having a blast, meeting some awesome people and drinking inordinate amounts of coffee. Yes, thanks to all my friends at coffee shops I am supremely caffeinated! =)
  • The Fant family has a new addition. Marlowe the dog! Although he peed and threw up on me, I like him. He has a certain aura about him… I think the women word here is “cute.” Yep, that sums Marlowe up in a word. Also “miniature bladder” might apply as well.

  • It snowed yesterday morning and I was convinced this Colorado place was really the Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice. Like Narnia before Aslan killed the witch. But sadly, there is no snow freak with a bad hair day you can kill to make the sun come back. So, I pray to God. “PUHLEEEEEASE make it warm again!” Happy to say He answered my prayer and today it will be in the sixties and seventies. The witch is dead!!!
  • Last bullet point. Will be posting new music at some point in the next month.

Okay last thing, Question:

Would you rather meet your favorite movie actor, or meet your favorite band/musician/composer/etc…?

(if your favorite is dead like John Wayne or Dean Martin, just assume they are alive.)

Sound off and please have a good day and please remember to be happy!

Life Update 3/15/2010

After all this album stuff I think it might be time for an update about what is going on with life. Aside from the EP stuff.

First, I am heading back to Hawaii in the summer. I am most excited about this for a billion reasons. One because beautiful princess girl is there and two, the thermometer gets above 55. Oh glorious sunshine! I will soak you up like a brand new kitchen sponge soaks up dishwater. It’s true, I am a hot weather person. Which is why it makes perfect sense that I am hoping to go to music school in Antartica Minnesota. Yep, that’s right, M I N N E S O T A. This college thing feels like a roller coaster right now but Minnesota might be the last stop on the maybe-I’m-going-to-college-ohno-I’m-not train. I should hear about scholarships–how much or how little–on May 1st. So if everything works out the way it is in my mind, I will be in a cold place come September.

A really really cold place. Any other questions about school may be submitted in writing.

As for everything else, releasing the album has been an amazing thing. All the encouragement, help, and advice has been overwhelming and I really can’t wait to perform the music live and meet more people. Hopefully that will come together this week. My goal is to schedule ten gigs and play them all before May 25. That’s not so crazy is it? =)

Check the Upcoming Shows tab to see how I’m doing.

Also, I have a new hat. This makes me happy on some deep, uniquely Irish level. =D

Getting the Record Out 2.0

Here we are, a week out from releasing the first Rhythm & Waves album! So far so good and all systems go. I repeat, we have a GO for liftoff! (I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut, I really just play music for the money…)

Just kidding. Since I last posted we have sent in the master cd and finalized the album artwork thanks to the good Lord, caffeine, and some very late nights working with Jessica long distance over Skype. If you haven’t tried working on something very important with your significant other while you are thousands of miles apart, you should try it. Very humbling, hard, and eye opening. But through our amazing teamwork the art is B A Youtiful. I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

Oh and the music sounds pretty good too. =) I found out you have to work your okole off to get an album ready for duplication. Especially when you are working with an insane deadline! I know I’m still a babe in the woods when it comes to production but wow, kudos to every recording engineer, mastering dude, and coffee carrying intern out there. Here are some cool pictures of final production stuff.

Getting all my t's crossed and i's dotted.

Listening for small things that make big trouble.

Notes from artwork brainstorming session.

Notes from an artwork brainstorming session with Jessica.

It’s always fun to look at the mess you’ve made when you finish something. My mess is usually in the form of piles and piles of notes!

Ok, the release date is still set for March 1st so keep checking back here for information on how to get a copy of the album.

You can also become a fan on Facebook if you’re not a blog person and I will update you there. If you are a blog person, you can now subscribe to this blog by putting your email address in the space underneath the “Subscribe to R&W” at the bottom of the right hand column. No spam, just automatic notifications when I publish a new post. nice!

p.s.  Thanks for all the good responses to my question in the last post. It was fun reading all the different ways you buy music!

Rhythm & Waves

I started this blog with few ideas in mind.

  1. As a place for my family and friends to keep up with me while I was away at school. (A year and a half later I’m still living at home… life is funny sometimes.) next!
  2. As a place to write and share my music and my thoughts about music.

However, this blog and especially the name has taken on another meaning to me as I continue to write songs and pursue better things in music. The term Rhythm and Waves is not just a neat-0 name to me, it is how I see music in it’s most elemental form. Simply time and sound. Mix them together till you have sound in time and you have music. Classical to neo-soul, all music boils to those two things.

This idea of simple elements in music has inspired and informed the way I write songs lately. So much so that I’ve decided to put together a new album and begin to promote my music again. This time I write and perform under the new name, you guessed it. Rhythm & Waves. First off, this is more memorable than my given moniker and even though it’s kinda weird, there is some precedent. Secondly, having that name on my music will keep me focused as a writer on what is important. The basics. The elements of what makes music music. Too many times I can lose myself writing big songs with vague, confusing lyrics. This is my attempt to remind myself that really good music is a very simple thing that gets to the listener’s heart. Keep it simple, elemental, and real.

I have recorded a number of songs recently and like I said earlier, I’m planning on releasing them as an EP in early March. As we get nearer to that date I will attempt to really get the word out on facebook, myspace, etc… (yes, I will be back in the “rat race”…) Whether I will be in Hawaii or Colorado for the summer is all up in the air right now and I would really appreciate your prayers as I am making that decision. I could also really use prayer for college decisions. I’m 95% sure Florida is out and one of the next possibilities is a music school in Minnesota.

Other than all that, here’s a sneak peek of one of the songs that will be on the first Rhythm and Waves EP. Tell me what you think!

“These Old Shoes”

Sound Recording (p) 2010 Third Culture Records LLC

Music and Lyrics © 2010 Puffin Tracs LLC.

Quick Update! ZOOooomM!

Okay, drive by update for the three of you that read this terrible blog! =)
I am not going to Florida. Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, I lost my housing in Winter Park. So, I can’t swing Full Sail right now because I my lack of funds.
God is rapidly opening up new doors and I will keep you posted as things continue to develop.
In other news, I’m working like crazy right now recording a ton of new demos and songs. =D Oh yes I’m having fun! I will post those and a photo essay relatively soon.
Until then, keep it real