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Christmas List.

Its a great day for a list.

  1. We are releasing a Christmas single today! You should check it out and then download it FOR FREE. that’s right. but first, you should read the rest of this…
  2. Finals this week. Then it’s back home to Colorado Springs! Christmas and I get to see that very special someone!
  3. I am very happy about number 2
  4. It’s snowing and blowing and piling up outside here in Saint Paul. I’m considering buying eight cheap dogs and sledding to school Monday. Yes… Just like Sarah Palin
  5. I’m happy I could mention Sarah Palin. I can tag that and get a million more hits than I otherwise would. hehe…
  6. Do you know how hard it is to stop a list once you’ve started?
  7. Alright I’m done, go download the song and merry holidays and happy christmas!

Click the artwork to receive the aforementioned free download.