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Consumable Media: Past and Present

In case you haven’t noticed. We’ve come a long way in the last 100 years.

This is an Edison Blue Amberol record from 1914. It’s a recording of ‘Toots Paka’s Hawaiians” singing Aloha ‘Oe. Each cylinder is a molded plaster core covered in the trademark blue celluloid. Similar to later records, grooves in the celluloid were read by a needle and walah! Amplification! Each Blue Amberol held about 4 minutes of music, basically one “track”. One cylinder one song.

Let’s think about that now.

In my iPod Touch, I can hold up too 1750 songs. And play movies, and games, and know exactly when my new Facebook status gets a “like.” Oooooh… Anyway, I’m not trying to be an Apple fanboy. In fact, holding these two things on opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum, I feel sad. Seems like these days, we think of music as little bits of nothing to put next to our “iFart” and “Zippo Lighter” apps. boo! But then again, music is infinitely more accessible to the masses than it was in the early twentieth century. In 1915, a Blue Amberol player, called an “Amberola,” would cost you between $30.00 and $75.00, that’s the equivalent of $630.00 to $1570.00 in modern currency. You don’t need to be incredibly rich to have cd player in your car or even an mp3 player. Music is pretty much available in a consumable form to anyone who wants it. (Case in point: Pirate Bay) So it seems we have a  tradeoff. The question is, which one is better?

On a more update-ish note, I am off to Hawaii tomorrow! Living in Colorado for the last 9 months has been a fantastic experience and I am so grateful for the time with my family! More on that story later though…


gigs, more snow, and glorious sunshine!

Quicky post! Bullet points to help visualize the speed.

  • I WILL BE IN HAWAII MAY 25!!! Lets hang out.
  • Back here in Colorado, I am three away from my goal of ten gigs before I leave. If you’re in C-Springs you can check the Upcoming Shows tab to see when and where I’m playing next. I am truly having a blast, meeting some awesome people and drinking inordinate amounts of coffee. Yes, thanks to all my friends at coffee shops I am supremely caffeinated! =)
  • The Fant family has a new addition. Marlowe the dog! Although he peed and threw up on me, I like him. He has a certain aura about him… I think the women word here is “cute.” Yep, that sums Marlowe up in a word. Also “miniature bladder” might apply as well.

  • It snowed yesterday morning and I was convinced this Colorado place was really the Land of Perpetual Snow and Ice. Like Narnia before Aslan killed the witch. But sadly, there is no snow freak with a bad hair day you can kill to make the sun come back. So, I pray to God. “PUHLEEEEEASE make it warm again!” Happy to say He answered my prayer and today it will be in the sixties and seventies. The witch is dead!!!
  • Last bullet point. Will be posting new music at some point in the next month.

Okay last thing, Question:

Would you rather meet your favorite movie actor, or meet your favorite band/musician/composer/etc…?

(if your favorite is dead like John Wayne or Dean Martin, just assume they are alive.)

Sound off and please have a good day and please remember to be happy!

Life Update 3/15/2010

After all this album stuff I think it might be time for an update about what is going on with life. Aside from the EP stuff.

First, I am heading back to Hawaii in the summer. I am most excited about this for a billion reasons. One because beautiful princess girl is there and two, the thermometer gets above 55. Oh glorious sunshine! I will soak you up like a brand new kitchen sponge soaks up dishwater. It’s true, I am a hot weather person. Which is why it makes perfect sense that I am hoping to go to music school in Antartica Minnesota. Yep, that’s right, M I N N E S O T A. This college thing feels like a roller coaster right now but Minnesota might be the last stop on the maybe-I’m-going-to-college-ohno-I’m-not train. I should hear about scholarships–how much or how little–on May 1st. So if everything works out the way it is in my mind, I will be in a cold place come September.

A really really cold place. Any other questions about school may be submitted in writing.

As for everything else, releasing the album has been an amazing thing. All the encouragement, help, and advice has been overwhelming and I really can’t wait to perform the music live and meet more people. Hopefully that will come together this week. My goal is to schedule ten gigs and play them all before May 25. That’s not so crazy is it? =)

Check the Upcoming Shows tab to see how I’m doing.

Also, I have a new hat. This makes me happy on some deep, uniquely Irish level. =D

Aloha Hawaii Nei

Thank You

To all my friends, aunties, uncles, brothers, and sisters in Hawaii,

I have been, at the same time, dreading and looking forward to this week for months. Dreading the fact that I am really leaving my adopted home. Looking forward to the next chapter of my life in school and career. So the word on my tongue is bittersweet and I can’t believe it’s time to go. I love you all and I want to leave you with a scripture from Micah 6:8.

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

Please pray that I can live this out daily in Colorado and in Florida. The Father has blessed me with all of you as a family of believers and I will be back to visit! =)

Please keep up with me here or email me. Either way I’d love to hear from you and say hi! Thanks for reading this and goodbye for now.


¡Viva La Vida y Las Pinturas!

Life is happening fast these days! I am honestly at one of those, “I can’t believe it’s already September,” moments. We have all been there. I will even point an accusing finger at the current month and label it, sneaky

That’s right, September you have snuck up on me and I don’t appreciate it. Please go back to where you came from! Oh, and on the way out could you kindly turn back the date to April 22 1995? Thanks.

That was the best birthday ever. I turned 5, got alien legos and a giant teddy bear. Life was so simple!

But I digLovebirdsress. (from WHAT you ask?) exactly. Well, my ¡viva la vida y las pinturas! update! (Or things that have happened in my life and pictures to go with them update.)

Okay. For starters, Jessica (or as you may recall, beautiful princess girl) and I just celebrated our dating anniversary. Wooohooo! What an awesome year!  A year ago on September 3rd we started dating and things have been amazing since. Thank you love!

My time leading worship at the chapel will officially come to an end in October. I am very sad to leave such an awesome community of believers. I have seen God revitalize the church on base and it feels amazing to have been a part of that! But the road ahead calls and I will be leaving Hawaii on October 15. It seems scary to actually have a byebye date. I guess it makes it more real.

I have a few things to do before I go.

  • Finish Jessica’s book
  • Sell a keyboard stand (any takers?)
  • Mail all the stuff that won’t fit in my humongous suitcase
  • Find a home for my slightly humongous congas
  • Pick out a Heather Brown print for my place in Florida
  • Persuade Murphy to jump into the pool
  • Win a game of hearts
  • Try to say goodbye to a million billion awesome people in Hawaii!

Well there you have it. I realize that is only one picture ergo I revise my title, ¡viva la vida y la pintura!

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The Family That Plays Together…

Alright kids, Hawaii is an amazing place where amazing things happen. Especially when it comes to music. Call it the New York of the Pacific, it’s a beautiful cacophony of all different kinds of cultures and music. Just the place for a creative genius to grow. Or, a family of creative geniuses! Listen to this, Ron Artis is a musician, painter, songwriter and father of eleven. Six of those eleven play in his Ron Artis Family Band! Here’s a little youtube for you to watch! This videos are all a little long but it’s worth it. Five minutes of music a day is really good for you anyhow! =)

Here is the Ron Artis Family Band with “Texas Blues”

Wouldn’t everybody love to jam with their family like that every day??!!

The kids have the coolest names too. Try this on for size, on harmonica we have ThunderStorm Artis and to the right on the Hammond B3 we have PraiseJesus Artis. Is that awesome or what?!!

Anyhow, have a great Wednesday! Love to hear from you if you read this! I’m on facebook now… (scary music…)