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Christmas List.

Its a great day for a list.

  1. We are releasing a Christmas single today! You should check it out and then download it FOR FREE. that’s right. but first, you should read the rest of this…
  2. Finals this week. Then it’s back home to Colorado Springs! Christmas and I get to see that very special someone!
  3. I am very happy about number 2
  4. It’s snowing and blowing and piling up outside here in Saint Paul. I’m considering buying eight cheap dogs and sledding to school Monday. Yes… Just like Sarah Palin
  5. I’m happy I could mention Sarah Palin. I can tag that and get a million more hits than I otherwise would. hehe…
  6. Do you know how hard it is to stop a list once you’ve started?
  7. Alright I’m done, go download the song and merry holidays and happy christmas!

Click the artwork to receive the aforementioned free download.



My Christmas header for 2009!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Isn’t Christmas wonderful?! I think so, especially since it looks like we are in for a white Christmas here in Colorado! That’s what I’m dreaming of… =D

Here is a Christmas song for you. It called Christmas Hymn (Reign In Rags).

Music and Lyrics © 2009 Third Culture Records and Puffin Tracs LLC

What is always amazing to me is the way in which God chose to make his entrance to our world. A simple man, a simple girl, a baby born in a dirty and dark stable. The absolute most powerful being to ever breathe our air and He chooses to become incarnate in a stable. For God even to step into our broken world is amazing, but he chose to come in a way that said, ‘I am here for the poor and the dirty. For those who cannot buy their way in life and those who are trapped by the weight of sin.’ What an incredible story!

Well, I hope the holidays are going well for you and yours. I’ll be in Orlando very soon and will update you on life in Florida!

Merry Christmas everyone!