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Lift Me Up

Songwriting is something I am still relatively new to and sometimes I see myself growing in different directions as a songwriter. The songs on Rhythm & Waves (the EP) are very simple, lyrically and musically speaking. This song, Lift Me Up, turns to a different route musically while still staying fairly simple in idea and form. Written with the idea or picture in my mind that sometimes, we just want to be lifted up and out of the craziness of our circumstances. We want someone stronger and bigger than our existence to tell us that everything will be ok. Sometimes I think, we retain our childlike fear of the unknown and hard, but lose our childlike faith in the sovereignty and goodness of God. This song is a cry from someone who is in that place so many times. Hmm, well this has gone deeper than I thought it would SO.

Here it is! I recommend your favorite headphones. That makes everyone happy!

post. script. (So00 I tried to get John Legend onboard for a collaborative effort but he wouldn’t even return my phone calls. jeez… On the upside, his answering machine was really nice. I think we’re getting somewhere!)